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Check the current Ultra Liquors online Weekly Catalogue and don’t miss the best deals from this week's Ad!

This week's best offers:

  • Honor vs Cognac 750 ml only R389.99!
  • Jameson Whiskey 750 ml  only R299.99!
  • Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey 750 ml only R249.99!
  • Famous grouse blended scotch whisky 750 ml only R189.99!
  • Red heart rum 750 ml only R179.99!
  • Belgravia London dry gin range 750 ml only R34.99!
  • Russian bear vodka 750 ml only R39.99!
  • Strawberry lips 750 ml only R124.99!
  • Tang sours range 750 ml only R85.99!
  • The wolftrap red 750 ml only R49.99!

and many more.

Now, you can find all weekly sales and ads in one place! Don't miss the offer! On this page, you can see all Ultra Liquors Weekly Specials online.

Ultra Liquors Promotional specials

Promotional specials

Specials Ultra Liquors 16.06.2022-30.06.2022
Ultra Liquors
16 Jun, 2022 - 30 Jun, 2022
Specials Ultra Liquors 01.06.2022-15.06.2022
Ultra Liquors
1 Jun, 2022 - 15 Jun, 2022
Specials Ultra Liquors 16.05.2022-31.05.2022
Ultra Liquors
16 May, 2022 - 31 May, 2022
Specials Ultra Liquors 01.05.2022-15.05.2022
Ultra Liquors
1 May, 2022 - 15 May, 2022

Ultra Liquors - Shop

Ultra Liquors has defined itself as one of South Africa’s leading liquor retailers. With over 28 stores and 14 franchise branches across the country, we deliver great value for money with the lowest prices on the market. In addition to our base stores, we also supply over 1800 businesses through Southern Africa. Adding to our promise of exemplary customer service is our Online Store. If you are short on time, we offer you the option to have your order delivered on time and in full, or a Click & Collect option, giving you the convenience of skipping the queue and having your order ready when you walk into the store. All our online prices match our in-store prices, guaranteeing you low market prices and specials no matter which option you choose.

Ultra Liquors - History

Ultra Liquors was founded in 1985 by Craig Robinson and is a family run business. After 36 years, we contribute to our success as one of the leading liquor retailers with our cost-effective prices and our ability to provide only the most exclusive liquor brands in each of our stores. In KwaZulu Natal, Liberty Liquors is part of our family as a wholly subsidiary of Ultra Liquors.

Ultra Liquors - Promotions

We offer our customers an exclusive Cash Back Rewards Card, earning you cashback with each swipe, giving you even more value for money. Add our amazing specials onto this, and you are guaranteed a shopping experience you can afford. Ensuring that we stay at the top, we offer regular weekly promotions and specials to our customers. Our wide variety of exclusive special liquor brands available in each store include Thomson & Gray, Blair Logue, Drummond, and more. Another exclusive special you can find at any of our stores is our "Wine Box" special. Choose any 12 or more of your favourite wines, and you pay a reduced price as if you were buying a case! Our range of bulk deals, promotions and specials are guaranteed to cut your liquor budget in half.

Ultra Liquors - News

Award-winning Ultra Liquors is how we are described, and we take pride in what we do at Ultra Liquors, with our many achievements motivating us to do better every day. One of our proudest achievements is the award we received from the Department of Trade and Industry for our contribution to economic growth and job creation. We aim to tackle and alleviate unemployment in our country by creating employment opportunities. One of our missions at Ultra Liquors is to make a difference in the lives of the people working with us, with each employee becoming part of our family.

Ultra Liquors - More information

Our purpose at Ultra Liquors is not only to supply high-quality goods at the lowest rates on the market. We view our customers and staff as part of our family and strive to deliver real value, ensuring that our standard of integrity is at the heart of what we do.

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