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Computer Mania Promotional specials

Promotional specials

Specials Computer Mania 01.06.2022-30.06.2022
Computer Mania
1 Jun, 2022 - 30 Jun, 2022
Specials Computer Mania 31.05.2022-14.06.2022
Computer Mania
31 May, 2022 - 14 Jun, 2022
Specials Computer Mania 01.05.2022-31.05.2022
Computer Mania
1 May, 2022 - 31 May, 2022

Computer Mania - Shop

Computer Mania prides itself as the largest independent technology retailer with retail stores in leading major shopping centres across the Western Cape and Gauteng province. Computer Mania’s vision is to become the leading alternative information technology retailer in South Africa. You can find special offers on your favourite home and business products including desktops, notebooks, monitors, drones, smart watches, projectors, tablets, printers, scanners, and many more great products at the best deals, exclusive to Computer Mania. Computer Mania’s gaming products include CPU’s, consoles, graphic cards, game controllers, gaming chairs amongst other amazing products.

Computer Mania - History

Computer Mania was established in the Western Cape in 1991, way back when having a computer at home was still a dream for most people. With a vision to offer an exclusive range of leading products at market leading prices, Computer Mania is committed to building long term relationships with all their customers. Computer Mania offers customers fantastic deals on a great selection of Home & Business IT products, accessories, and gaming products, at affordable prices. Computer Mania pre-tests all products and their knowledgeable staff are there to provide you with expert advice to help you choose the best possible items to suit your specific needs.

Computer Mania - Promotions

For expert advice, trusted brands and affordable prices, shop online or in store at Computer Mania. Check out Computer Mania’s online catalogue on their website to access the best deals and weekly specials on your favourite and trending IT products from the biggest brands in the world. You can shop unbelievable deals on anything from computers to accessories online or at any of the 32 Computer Mania stores across Gauteng and the Western Cape. For great deals on quality tech products, visit Computer Mania’s social media pages to access updates on ongoing promotions and weekly specials.

Computer Mania - News

Computer Mania’s in-store technical service team offers customers expertise and quick turnaround times to solve their most pressing technology challenges. You can drop off your device at any of the Computer Mania stores for a quotation on the technical services required. These services include removal of viruses and malware, installation of updated protection software and data backup, computer upgrades and performance improvement. Computer Mania also offers the best deals on designing and building customized computers to suit your unique needs. For an affordable price, Computer Mania can run diagnostics on your devices and assist with data recovery and repairs.

Computer Mania - More information

For over 3 decades, Mania and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise on all things IT. You can subscribe to the Computer Mania newsletter on their website and be the first to receive notifications about upcoming special offers and promotions. Computer Mania is passionate about IT and is always excited about new trends and new developments. Computer Mania offers a wide selection of accessories including adapters, docking stations, cables, card readers, desktop lights, webcams, earphones, brackets and many more. Computer Mania offers a 3-year extended warranty insurance and covers devices against theft, loss, liquid, and accidental damage.

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