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Baby City Promotional specials

Promotional specials

Specials Baby City 22.06.2022-06.07.2022
Baby City
22 Jun, 2022 - 6 Jul, 2022
Specials Baby City 01.04.2022-31.08.2022
Baby City
1 Apr, 2022 - 31 Aug, 2022
Specials Baby City 29.03.2022-31.12.2022
Baby City
29 Mar, 2022 - 31 Dec, 2022
Specials Baby City 06.06.2022-20.06.2022
Baby City
6 Jun, 2022 - 20 Jun, 2022

Baby City - Shop

We are dedicated to providing a diverse choice of items at competitive pricing. Baby City is the place to go if you want to buy baby and mom products on a weekly basis or if you have a large monthly grocery list. Our promos on your favorite items ensure you get everything you want at reasonable prices. We provide everything you need, including food, clothing, car seats, maternity wear and toiletries. Baby City is a national shop with 33 locations to ensure that all of our customers take advantage of our world-class service, products, and special offers.

Baby City - History

Our 1st store was opened in 1992, in Stamford Hill Road, Durban. Baby City was born from ‘Fairy Tales’ a family store that was owned and run by the Aronoff family. As the needs of moms, babies and family grew and constantly changed, the Aronoff family opened Bbay City. 30 years later, we now have 33 stores countrywide and we are still constantly improving our services and moving from strength to strength. We strive to continue providing our specials to all South African homes.

Baby City - Promotions

At Baby City, we aim to provide our customers with the best products at affordable prices. Our shelves are full of products from some of the most reputable brands. You can find anything you want under one roof. Every week we have a new catalog that has new weekly specials. Be sure to keep an eye on our specials. Our weekly promotions help you get the best products your baby needs at reasonable prices.

Baby City - News

To make it easier for you to enjoy our discounts and promotions, Baby City has partnered with Dischem. Now you can shop all your favorite items online and you can enjoy our weekly and monthly specials without even leaving your house. On our website, we also have tips and advice for anything baby-related. From bath basics to birth options, we have it all. Be sure to check out those tips and you might find one or two answers to the questions you have. If you have any other tips you might want to see on our website, write us an email and we will surely add them.

Baby City - More information

We are committed to remaining the top supplier of baby and mom products to South African homes. Our weekly specials are always changing so keep an eye on those so that you can get your favorite items at reasonable prices. To make it easier for your friends and loved ones to buy you the gifts that you will enjoy, we have now made it possible for you to make a gift registry on our website. This will make it easy for your friends to buy you gifts as they know exactly what you want and they can easily purchase from us. Our store locator means you can find a store closest to you and you can enjoy our discounts in person.

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